free coffee from Panera all summer long

For me, one of the best parts of summer is the frozen margaritas and iced coffee. While I haven’t figured out a way to get free cocktails yet, I can now tell you how you can get free coffee every day until Labor Day!

Until September 7, anyone who subscribes to Panera Coffee can enjoy unlimited premium coffee, iced coffee or hot tea free of charge. Normally $ 8.99 per month, Panera offers new and existing subscribers free coffee all summer long. This means that if you have already registered you will not be charged this summer, and if you have not yet registered you still have time to register and get your free coffee!

Coffee or tea can be ordered at your local cafe or through Panera Curbside. You have until July 4 to register. Just visit the Panera website to create an account, then sign up for the coffee subscription

Note that even if coffee and tea are free this summer, you must enter a credit card number when registering and if you do not cancel before the next renewal date after September 7, you will be charged 8, $ 99 plus tax on the next renewal date. If you cancel, your free subscription will end 30 days after your renewal date.

Are you going to sign up for a Panera coffee subscription to get free coffee throughout the summer?

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